Construction of machines for bakeries and confectioneries

The company “ERCOLE ZURISCHI” was founded in 1946 by Zurischi Hercules. In the early years of mainly occupied repairing machinery Bakery pastry – pasta; Later became the same manufacturer.

In 1965 he took his son Francis, who gave development “ERCOLE ZURISCHI” Incorporating the European regulations. Applying the product mark EEC.

In 2000 the company passed to his nephew Dimitri which ushered new technologies: electronic processing and stainless steel. The property has always been family and Zurischi mark is the same thought, as far back as 1946, by its founder.



Ercole Zurischi – Via Roma 72 – 37068 – Vigasio (VR) – Tel. 045 505553 – Fax 045 6698832 P.iva 03534650233

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